Marine Insurance
Marine Insurance

Loss or damage of Cargo, Ships & Terminals

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About Marine Insurance

What is Marine Insurance?

Marine Insurance is a type of insurance that provides coverage against the losses or damages of cargo or goods during transportation between the points of origin to the final destination. Marine insurance policy provides coverage for all means of transportation example road, railway, air, sea, couriers and postal service.

Marine Cargo insurance primarily covers loss during transit caused due to fire, explosion, hijacks, accidents, collisions, and overturning. We offer specially curated plans for covering the risk of theft, malicious damage, shortage, and non-delivery of goods, damages during loading and unloading, and mishandling of goods/cargo. The insured can choose the coverage based on specific business requirements. The policy is available for a variety of cargo/goods if you are dealing in or manufacturing them.

Marine Insurance

The Benefits of Marine Insurance Policy

All the modes of transportation namely, air, water, rail & road are covered under this policy. Goods being transported via courier services are also insured.

  • Export & Import Insurance: Insure shipments exported and imported. Cover several risks and choose from a wide variety of coverage options. Cover notes universally accepted as proof of insurance.
  • Inland Transit: Well defined and standardized covers for protecting goods traveling within India by any mode. The domestic transit cover includes warehouse storage for limited periods.
  • Marine Hull: Insure your ships and boats for all risks. Covers large vessels. These are complex risks where options for piracy, sea worthiness need to be carefully assessed.
  • Specific Transits: Cover goods in transit for a specific journey. Specify start and end destination. Cover note for such journeys issued within hours. Pricing extremely cost-effective.

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