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About Life Insurance

What is Life Insurance?

Life insurance is a contract signed between a policyholder or insured person and an insurance provider. This contract determines a specific and pre-decided sum (also known as “Cover Amount or “Sum Assured”) to be paid to the policyholder’s family after his/her death. The sum of the insurance policy is paid in lieu of a certain amount of premium.

The plan ensures that you as well as your family members are able to receive the much-needed financial support in case of your untimely demise due to any reason, such as accident, critical illness, and so on. Despite the fact that human life cannot be quantified, a monetary sum can assist the dependents in continuing their lives without abandoning their necessities and requirements.

Life Insurance

Key Features & Benefits of Life Insurance

Life insurance is the best way to create wealth & secure family’s future in the event of unfortunate death of the policyholder

  • The primary benefit of a life insurance policy is that it provides long time financial stability to the policyholder’s family in case of any unfortunate event.
  • In case of any unfortunate event with the policyholder, the insurer provides financial protection in form of a death payout. The appointed nominee receives the entire sum assured plus the bonus accumulated over a time
  • When the policy matures, some life insurance plans offer the policyholder the full premium amount paid during the policy term.
  • Life insurance plans guarantee that you receive a fixed amount after a specific term. The return you get can help in paying the loan, child’s higher education, and other expenses.
  • Life insurance Savings plans such as ULIPs offer wealth creation benefits also. In such plans, you can invest your premium amount in different funds based on the risk appetite. These life insurance policies are good wealth-makers in the long run
  • Policyholders can avail of tax savings benefit up to Rs. 1.5 Lakhs u/s 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961, for life insurance premium amount paid. Also, the payout received from an insurer is exempt from tax u/s 10(10D) of ITA and the premium amount paid for riders such as critical illness can be claimed u/s 80D.
  • Riders such as critical illness, waiver of premium, etc. are add-ons to your current base plan, which help customize the policy according to your specific needs.
  • Annuity-based life insurance plans give a monthly pension to the policyholder on maturity and help plan a secured retirement.
  • Certain life insurance plans provide the option of a loan and allow to borrow some percentage of plan value or the sum assured depending on the policy T&Cs.

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